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Seeing the heron at the reservoir.

An evening with Hannah and Beth, learning how to Charleston and watching Race Around the World.

Learning how to make an origami crane.

50p for some cotton from the Designer Collective.

Dancing and singing.

Talking to Jo and therapy.

Free use of a Tate card. Hello multiple exhibitions.

My (male) doppleganger.

The breakthrough dance show Jo took me to for my birthday. Such amazing dances.

The school meeting. Mainly coffee and biscuits and talking about the Hampstead Heath ponds. A lovely way to start the morning.

Itsu dinner.

Che Malambo.

Kicking through the leaves.

Petting some sheep.

Watching mum and dad jiving in the kitchen.

Smell of fresh paint. Reminding me of being at home and redecorating with dad.

Dangerous Love. Fuse ODG and Sean Paul. Yas.

Dancing with Rosie to the crazy European live band in Brixton. After Stomping Dave!


The Good Eggs chat. So much loling today. Computer cases, tasty gaming rigs and tagine carry bags.
All the great music at work plus an easy day of uploading photos.
Ping pong and Korean dance genes with Jonny.


Texts texts texts.
Waxed off my moustache for the first time.
The Beyoncé poi video. Yus New Zealand!


Going and watching our flatmate’s kapa haka dress rehearsal. It was SO. AMAZING. The singing, the dancing, the poi, the shouting, the Māori language. It was just incredible.
Some positive shopping.
Watching Beyonce’s VMA’s performance. Obviously.


Watching my flatmates do the 30 day ab challenge.
Being a bit of a cliche and playing ‘dancing on my own’ loudly and dancing in my room, on my own and smiling for every second of it.
A delicious dinner cooked by my flatmates and shared with us. Roast chicken and vegetables. God I love roast beetroot. 


The most adorable puppy came into work today. Seven weeks old, perfectly behaved, softest thing I’ve ever stroked and melted my heart completely. And there are three more needing homes for free. Oh, if only I could take one. Or three.
Dancing to loud Beyoncè in the shower after work.
A regular customer who came in and got us all laughing together. Something that was desperately needed today.


Drying my hair this morning and a moth suddenly flying out of my hair (or so it seemed) and into my face. It made me jump. And then laugh. (It hadn’t flown out of my hair by the way. Unless it miraculously survived a thorough shampoo and condition)

Having a bit of spare time before leaving for work and dancing to some songs that reminded me of happy things

Getting our shares through from the Co Op. Hurrah, that will pay for two punnets of grapes and some biscuits!


A lazy morning in bed

The small squirrel that came so close to us in the park. It almost came right up to my hand. But he wasn’t quite brave enough.

The dance scene in Silver Linings Playbook.


This mornings advent calendar clue was a funny one. And I was awake and up to see him read it. (The chocolate was hidden behind the TV incase you’re wondering)

I know it’s bad but I was happy when the new friend I was meeting this evening cancelled.

Doing a bit of shoulder dancing whilst walking down the street after work before I realised where I was. And then not caring the slightest bit anyway.