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Corinne’s surprise birthday picnic that she organised for us.

Beautiful setting

Delicious food

Fabulous friends 

Dancing on the picnic table until 2am


Burning a tampon

The Russian/Ukrainian tent.

The beautiful stages in the woods.

Dancing to Bare Necessities.

Yoga under the trees

The dosa.

The ice roll. (As seen on ITV)

The speedy shower. We felt clean for about 5 minutes. It was amazing.

John Grant

​Being at Latitude. Its so beautiful!

The pink sheep

The beautiful sky

All the food!

Finding Drake! 

Dancing dancing dancing.


The Good Eggs chat. So much loling today. Computer cases, tasty gaming rigs and tagine carry bags.
All the great music at work plus an easy day of uploading photos.
Ping pong and Korean dance genes with Jonny.


R and She at Tipsy. BEST NIGHT.
Cards and hip hop with Jonny.
Neck licking.


Portugal! We’re in Porto and it’s brilliant and beautiful and sunny and I got really drunk and danced to Latino music.
Ciaran and the tiny spoon.
Alec and the tiny part of him.


Friday treat from mum
‘Working from home’ in the morning. i.e. dancing in front of the mirror.
Weeeee! Got a new job and quit my old one! Bye Felicia!


Some very funny WhatsApp conversations. ‘Take that Starbucks’ and baggage chat with Ciaran and Alec.
Lots of new music. So much dancing to Ferrari by Yemi Alade and singing to Riot by Bibi Bourelly.
Date night, shopping with Jonny. So much Mexican food and too many beers. Obviously.


Dancing to Breadfruit in the kitchen with coffee.
Just smiling for no reason, crossing the bridge.
The first two beers.


Remembering the dancing from last night.
Driving. To Wales.
Our beautiful hostel. In Wales. In an old church with a fire and a hot tub and stained glass windows.


Lady Lershurr
Patchwork party
Dancing in the rain to old school R&B


PS4 puns.
Another Belgo night.
Reggae dancing.


The Christmas party. So many smiles. We got Andrew to dance! Zena sang directions to the pub as the time warp. I ate a lot of turkey. ‘There’s a poo in there!’ And Norwood likes me.
A beautiful lit up tree on the way home.


A clean toilet. FINALLY.
Music. All day. And dancing around the house alone to it.
‘From the people that bought you Timbuk 1…’


Putting the presents under the tree ready for tomorrow.
Floating in the pool in the sun with all my family. But no kids.
Dancing around the living room and singing Christmas songs really loudly.


Last day at work! And I was the boss for the day.
More presents! And some lovely cards with very kind words. Plus a business card from a very lovely tattoo artist.
A night out with dancing to Nicki Minaj. I love dancing!


An opened eyed sneeze.
The word ‘arse’. I found it so surprisingly funny that I accidentally spat out water all over the wall.
The Cuba dancing on Cuba street.


Getting to do something a bit different at work as my colleague is on holiday. Today: measuring out ingredients for chilli chocolate brownie. And then photographing it, just because.
Listening to Dancing on my Own again. This time in the shower. Still dancing, still smiling.
A SnapChat from my flatmate of him singing Smooth Operator whilst driving.


Watching my flatmates do the 30 day ab challenge.
Being a bit of a cliche and playing ‘dancing on my own’ loudly and dancing in my room, on my own and smiling for every second of it.
A delicious dinner cooked by my flatmates and shared with us. Roast chicken and vegetables. God I love roast beetroot. 


The most adorable puppy came into work today. Seven weeks old, perfectly behaved, softest thing I’ve ever stroked and melted my heart completely. And there are three more needing homes for free. Oh, if only I could take one. Or three.
Dancing to loud Beyoncè in the shower after work.
A regular customer who came in and got us all laughing together. Something that was desperately needed today.


A direct smile and a kind hand on my shoulder.
The sound of water pouring into the big metal sieve.
Dancing to Aretha Franklin.


The head message at the hairdressers.
The free apple tea at the hairdressers.
Dancing to ‘Fancy’ in the kitchen with my housemates.


Listening to a Scott Mills podcast and hearing ‘Bamboleo’ and wiggling my hips down the street.
And then similarly, listening to Fuse as I walked to the bus and picturing myself out dancing with our friends back home.
Going back to my meditation class for the first time in ages. It felt good to be doing it as part of a group again.


Watching Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Hello My Baby. They are so smiley and happy it’s impossible not to feel the same.
Chatting to my old boss on Skype and hearing about my old colleagues new baby.
Listening to a selection of random but strangely good records with my housemates and doing some chair dancing. And singing of Cats songs.


An adorable 3 year old boy on a Chinese talent show dancing and talking about happiness.
Skyping with friends back home and finding out where they’re getting married.
A delicious veggie curry and cheese roti wrap from the market.


Watching the video of the Lion King cast sing Circle of Life on the plane. Twice. God I love that show.
Singing and dancing to the Beatles.
A delicious dinner. Turns out things do taste better when you’re selective about ingredients and don’t just chuck every vegetable you have into the dish.


The Simon Starling exhibition at the City Gallery.
Watching the kids Irish dancing by the sea. Especially the little brother who couldn’t Irish dance but joined in anyway.
Going for cake and having a nice chat, just the two of us.


It was my last pop up before we leave. I’m so proud of what we achieved over the past 6 months. We set up a mini business, created a brand, put on monthly events, created a fan base and got ourselves hired. It might not have been constant highs but we did it. And we did it well.

A tin of sweet corn. God I love tinned sweet corn.

Silly dancing around the living with my boyfriend


Drying my hair this morning and a moth suddenly flying out of my hair (or so it seemed) and into my face. It made me jump. And then laugh. (It hadn’t flown out of my hair by the way. Unless it miraculously survived a thorough shampoo and condition)

Having a bit of spare time before leaving for work and dancing to some songs that reminded me of happy things

Getting our shares through from the Co Op. Hurrah, that will pay for two punnets of grapes and some biscuits!


Booking trains and ferries to start our big trip! It’s official. We’ve booked and paid for transport to start us on our overland trip from here to New Zealand. It’s happening!

Speaking to people in the evening about New Zealand and how much they loved it. Which got me really excited again.

Dancing with friends and my boyfriend to some great songs I haven’t heard in a while.