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Singing the nursery rhymes with the cello and violin at the intergenerational event.

Chatting to Arthur and meeting Ellen.

Baking a carrot cake together.

Getting off the plane fast and finding the quickest passport control queue.



Cinnamon on rice pudding. New to me and super delicious.

Finally completing my job application.

Foot and face mask lols.

Morning cuddles. A massage. Pastries. Beans on toast. Perfectly timed journeys. Epping Forest. Passing each other on a log. A Yorkie. Old trees. TikTok filters. A pub quiz. Pizza. Playing pool. Badly.

Feeling myself. Excellent outfit today.

Slow walking around SN, feeling happy.

Broker. A Korean night with Hannah.

A morning at home. It felt like I had hours of time to myself. It was so nice.

Seeing all the other people walking the diversion through Aster Meadow. Not sure why but it just made me smile to see people doing the walk with other people.

A night with Hannah. She helped with the envelopes and she really liked dinner and we tried the dildo.

Sally diagnosing everyone with ADHD after a one hour video she saw online.

Dumplings and pottery with Hannah.

Jonny: the only thing in my diary is the end of daylight savings

All the orders. I can’t quite believe it.

Spending the morning cuddling in bed with tea and wordle and fingers.

Meeting Max and having him fall asleep on me for ages. So lovely to cuddle a tiny baby.

Oh my god I sold out of all the books! In less than 24 hours! I can’t believe it!

A lovely guided walk for the Arab meet up group.

Coming at the same time.

My vulva book is heeeeere! I’m so excited!

Discovering the drag king at work went to the same college as me.

Sending Hannah the photos I thought I’d lost.

The Sainsbury’s groceries game.


Laughing together at dogs with lips stuck on their teefs.

Pancakes at Jen and Fiona’s.


Waking up with Hannah on valentine’s day to a kiss on the nose.

The sun felt warm today.

Watching Hannah pull a pillow over her mouth to bite.

The New York scaffolding video.

Wandering around Ouzeburn and going into the cute shops and community centre.

‘No gods, only cods’

Organising to see Hannah tomorrow AND Wednesday.

Dishoom breakfast.

Hannah sending me links to holiday homes for April.

Cocktails and a huge pizza in Newcastle.

Waking up with her here, cuddled up behind me.

Sitting on a bench in Aster in the sun at lunchtime with Adam.

Homemade kale crisps.

The birds singing outside the work when I arrived. There were so many and it sounded beautiful.

The lovely lovely compliments from my big big boss about my walk.

Hannah was waiting for me outside my house after the protest. With chocolate.

Kissing her thigh after her shower.

Lying in the sun on my bed, reading.

Walking to Tesco listening to afrobeat, swaying my hips in time.

Skipping the queue and going into the members lounge at the Natural History Museum.

Tea and homemade biscuits by the private reservoir with Hannah, Jen and Fiona.

Bird jigsaw puzzles and delicious ice cream

Getting my yellow boots. They are so much more flexible than I thought they’d be.

Watching Bo Burnham’s old videos, cuddled up to Hannah on the sofa.

Reading topless next to each other.

RuPaul. It’s been a long break and I’m happy to be back.

Hannah and Corinne sent me two doughnuts to cheer me up.

A voicenote from Hannah. Where she says she’s missed me and is looking forward to Wednesday.

Walking up next to Hannah.

Finished my jeans. Contrast thread and hopefully, finally, the right length.

Realising that the internet wasn’t broken, just switched off at the plug.

Toasting bread over a fire.

Funny apple tree names.

Lying on the sofa cuddling with Hannah and watching Gogglebox.

Pottery with Hannah.

Hannah staying over and tracing shapes on my back and kissing my shoulder.

Hannah asked ‘is it weird if I just strip off and get into bed?’

Itsu lunch.

Hannah’s voicenote.

A new book borrowed from Louisa.

Walking up next to Hannah.

Chatting to Sam and Ming about shared ownership. I think I might be able to buy a flat here.

Seeing Jonny briefly. Half a beer and now less worried about him.

New boots.

Staying at Hannah’s.

Travel man

Sally was back!

Back at therapy for the first time in weeks.

Sweet, awkward, lovely voice notes from Date Hannah.

A day with Date Hannah. And some kissing.

My birthday flowers are still looking beautiful.

Singing to Christmas carols. Again. No crying this time.

Eating freshly picked, and grown by me, tomatoes for dinner. Plus a chili that was hotter than I expected.

Hannah’s story about her red moustache.

Delicious biscuits left behind by the lovely woman from the bereavement service. I enjoyed chatting with her.