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Stripey tree.

I’m allowed to get a new desk. Project beautifying my room has started.

Succession – what are you waiting for? A kiss? Fuck off.

IKEA! With Jonny. I loved everything.

Driving the electric mini. Eventually. Not so easy to start.

A yummy thali


The lovely volunteer that baked a cake and bought it in, still warm, for us to snack on as we painted the hub. Plus tea and fresh coffee.
Joking around with the builders. They are really nice guys.
White walls at work. It looks so much better. We got a lot done today.


Decorating our room with some of our stuff. Feels a bit more like ours now. Plus we have our soft duvet cover back.
Going for dinner with two of our favourite friends. Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since we’ve seen them. Also the perfect people to talk about our travels with as they’ve done it too and love hearing about other countries.
The women singing the song from Bring It On on the tube.


Walking to the tube, listening to Alt J and just smiling. Even as I stepped over dog poo.

Laughing until I almost wet myself as my boss tried to do battle with her floating poo before the plumber came round to look at the sink

An afternoon of painting