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Perfect trees.

The most perfect chocolate mousse.

Remembering to slow walk. And look up at the beautiful houses. And the penis graffiti.

My strangely patterned avocados.

A quiet haircut, whilst it rained outside.

Discovering Bridget Jones’s Diary in the house. I’ve been wanting to watch this for weeks! Enjoyed with two slices of warm banana bread, smothered in Malteaser spread. Happy Sunday!

Embroidery with Sarah. Did a vagina. Obvs.

Baked biscuits (rock cakes) and jam tarts.

Did some morning yoga

Mum and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary garden party. I love big family parties.

Eating all five of the deserts.

Making Ben properly laugh with the Spiderman/Batman comment. 

​My new rings.

An evening with Andrea, hearing all the Repurpose gossip.

The crazy big creamy desert we had


Wandering the windy streets of Lisbon.
The peaceful lunch of veggie tapas on the hill.
Fado music at dinner. With the delicious deserts. A tasty last night in Portugal.


Cruising in the van, crossing Tower Bridge and singing songs.
We went out for Halloween dressed up like skeletons and we. looked. SICK. Everybody loved us.
Jonny gave me his Gu desert and it was so delicious.


Plum frangipani tart. Some days that’s all you can do.
Potting three balls in a row. And winning a game of pool against Jonny.
A fun mistake.


Going back to Greenwich for the first time in years.
A delicious Dutch pancake ball thing covered in all sorts of sweet goodness. So yummy.
Real, proper, amazing lemon iced tea from Teala Bar at Greenwich market. So good I had two.


A Belgium biscuit.
Dinner. And the most delicious dessert I’ve ever had.
Cuddling on the bed watching French cooking.


Washing my feet after work. All inbetween the toes and scrubbing all the bits. It felt so nice after a day on my feet.
The Graham Norton show. With Ronnie Corbit and Ricky Gervais.
Free pavlova. Free, delicious pavlova.


Hearing my boss say nice things about me at the leaving breakfast

Wandering through China Town for no real reason but massively enjoying the red lanterns.

The incredible raspberry, creamy, jammy, hobnoby desert that our friend brought round. Absolutely delicious.

Image: Martin Argles for the Guardian


Seeing the baby again

The delicious cranachan for desert

Warming my feet up on his tummy before bed

Image: peacecooking


The reeds along the canal.

The poached pear and custard desert at lunch time. It is the best desert I’ve ever had. And I very almost didn’t have it. Note to self: always have a desert in case you miss out on the best thing ever.

Painting dinosaurs on each others faces and then making them kiss.

dukes brew and que

Going for an amazing birthday meal for one of my oldest and greatest friends.

The desert from said meal. Oh. My. God.

Four of us having to climb over a fence on the way home after a slight wrong turn.


The melt in the middle chocolate thing. Need I say more.

Going to the other side of the station for the first time even though we’ve lived here for over a year.

The amazing, incredible reading of the play You, Me and the Silence by Judy Adong at the Old Vic. Moving, funny and just brilliant.