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Went for a swim in the sea. Han took a photo just as a cold wave hit my vulva.

Excitement at spotting (or thinking we spotted) dolphins.

Hanging out with Sophie. She’s a good egg.

Finally visiting the Handweavers Studio. So many beautiful threads, wools and raw wools. Lots of touching of things.

Discovering that dolphins used to be land mammals that looked like wolves. 😯

French burgers with Jo and Jonny. Drunk but delicious.

Stroking Pickles, the beautiful dog on the train. It’s so nice to be near such a calm animal.
(Shhh. Yes I know it’s four things today)


The tiny dolphins playing around the boat in Akaroa.
Delicious local hot smoked salmon and fresh French bread followed by juicy cherries for our picnic lunch.
Discovering the bagpiper playing on the beach as the sun set. In New Zealand.


Seeing the dolphins swim right up to us at Monkey Mia. The newborn was the best. So playful and energetic.
Spending the whole day relaxing in the sun and reading.
Seeing a turtle poke his head up a few metres from us in the sea.


White table and chairs and green plants. A little courtyard out on Courtenay Place.
The Radiolab podcast on dolphins.
A squeaky fart.