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Sitting around the corner with Adam. Talking about shingles.

Coming home in the afternoon and cracking on with the job application.

RuPaul on a Friday night. You get a pickle! You get a pickle! You get a pickle!

Going to Walthamstow. And liking Walthamstow.

Gardening. Really nice to get my fingers in the dirt again.

RuPaul’s All Stars series 2. Yas queen.

I made pancakes out of cottage cheese. And it tasted good.

RuPaul’s final. Yas Sasha! Absolutely slayed it!

Dinner, drinks, a walk in the park with Jonny. Swings, perving on men and park gym. And then he saw a house that he wants to move into. Please let him get it.


Series 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race

Going outside for dinner and discovering its a beautiful, peaceful evening.

The young man with his trousers below his bum, dark glasses on and hood up, running up the stairs to help a woman struggling with her pram. Judging a book by their cover once again. People are nice. Must remember that.

Cards and rap music with Jonny.

Hurricane Bianca. Yas. Terrible film but it made me laugh and cheered me up today. PMT laughs in the face of queens overacting. 


Beautiful beans
A different breakfast
‘Thick thighs makes your dick rise’ Love Willam and Latrice’s song.


Paris is Burning, for free in the lovely cinema museum.
Having an afternoon off due to bad weather.
Ginger cake.