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Grapefruit and tonic.

Bonding with Alirra, Ming and Laura. It felt like actual good chats. 

The white shirts Vs the loud shirts. Our boys looked better.


Going outside in that pub and discovering the huge, multi layered and beautifully plant filled garden. How have I been twice and not known about this?!
A real homemade iced tea.
Walking around the park, enjoying seeing all the people out and about enjoying the sunny evening and the green space.


Dinner with Laura plus an espresso Martini
Puzzle time, not snack time
A delicious flat white for the first time in ages.


My new clothes arrived!
Lunch with Ryan
Free chocolate milk.


A good start
The dog being chased by the canvas bag attached to his lead
Grapefruit squash. Drinks are delicious again.


I got a pair of jeans for $18. That’s £9! It was an accident but a happy one. For me anyway!
Clothes smelling off fabric softener. I just kept sniffing myself all day.
Homemade iced lemon tea.


My boss bought this really shit card for our young colleague who turned 20 today. What 20 year old boy likes paintings of ducks?
Justine Smith. Very funny stand up. Broke her knuckle giving someone the finger.
A London Fog for my tea break.


The clouds rolling across the top of the hill and fading the trees.
Discovering the lemon, honey and ginger drink at work.
Homemade pizza


This number plate. What a twat. Plus it was an auction house in the countryside. Which just makes it worse.

Going to my first auction. It was exciting. Even though I didn’t bid for anything.

Seeing an old, close friend for the first time in quite a few months. We went for a drink together in a lovely pub and it was really nice to see him before we leave.


Decided to not bail on tonight’s plans and was really glad I didn’t. Left the house grinning, excited to not be sat at home looking at my laptop and thinking about all the things I should be doing

An evening of feminist chat and heartfelt confessions with a close friend. And maybe a little bit too much pale ale.

Coming home to a drunken conversation with my boyfriend


An afternoon mocha. Even if I did feel a little bit too jittery and sick afterwards.

Counting up how much money I’ve earned this month by doing a job I hate

We had a lovely man called Peter in with us at work today. He made me laugh. And he diluted the annoying boy in the office. He can come back anytime.



Seeing the sign we laboured over for weeks finally up above the shop

Getting off the tube a stop early on the way home and walking in the sun shine

Then arriving home to a glass of wine and some Boursin on toast. Delicious.

Lunch with good friends

A spinach and berry smoothie. I feel healthier just thinking about it

The runaway luggage on the tube that rolled away from its owner



My very own gold ‘feminist’ necklace from my lovely boss. Worn with pride.

Having an armful of glossy magazine to read. For work.

A ridiculously healthy fruit juice courtesy of the blender in the office. It looked grim but tasted delicious.


Getting a chain from a charity shop for the bag I made for my sister-in-law. It’s now finished.

A can of San Pellegrino Limonata, only the best lemonade ever. Fact.

Listening to the podcast of Becky’s last Scott Mills Show.


My sugar packet

Going for a drink with my boyfriend

Deciding to stop on Hungerford Bridge and take a minute to look at my favourite view in London, St Paul’s cathedral lit up at night.


Going back to bed for a cuddly hour nap in the morning.

Going for a drink with my colleagues after the event.

Hearing a few nice things said about me and my work over the course of the evening.

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