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I keep writing turd not turf. And it makes me laugh. A lot.

A woman made a play that mentions me. So I went to go see it. And it was good!

Garlic shots, churrus and drinks with Jana and Charlie.

Spending the afternoon outside in the sun for an anti idling event. Sunny sun sun sun.

Drinks with James. We shared a surprising amount. It was nice to see him.


Buying a new phone. Just like that.

Pizza and drinks with Rochelle. It’s been about two years but it was fun.

He text me at lunch time. I know I shouldn’t get so excited but I like him.

Painted the old chairs white in the garden.

A night out in Haggerston for Holly’s birthday and then Shoreditch. Accidentally got very drunk.

Good sex.

Free haircut. With the possibility of more free haircuts. 

That stupid photo of Alec being excited by his present. It made me lol twice on the walk to the pub.

Alec’s birthday drinks. I chatted to lots of people which I don’t normally do, there was a dog and I got three hugs! Plus I walked there through sunny sunny London.

A lazy morning, reading and doing yoga.

Bottomless brunch for Ciaran’s birthday. I didn’t get the meat but it looked ridiculous. 

That followed on into fun at the pub. Including conversations about wet dreams and feeling horny with Alec, Corinne and Jo.

He got me the pencil I wanted!

Quick Muji trip after work to touch the beautiful duvet covers and lust after stationary.

The beautiful, Christmas decorated bar for Liam’s birthday drinks. Plus photos of baby Liam looking adorable.

She got my flowers. It’s nice to make people smile.

After work drinks with my colleagues.

I got through the day. It started off badly but I did it. And it wasn’t so bad. It’s not as hard as I sometimes think it is. 

Clothes shopping with Jo. I was late. She’d picked out outfits for me. Then gave me her 20% off voucher. 

Portuguese food with Holly and Jana. Picked by the bartender. Washed down with free port. 

Discount Suit Company. So cute. 

Drinks with Ivan and Mike.
Watching the colours change on the big swing pagoda at Kings Cross.

Week One done. Four interviews, one journey outside of London and loads of printing. Its been a good start. 

Enjoying my day off with some slow shopping alone in Angel.

Lunch with Zoë talking about vaginas.

Drinks and burgers with Rochelle and Dipa. Bad vegetarian. 

Boxercise. So good! Even the fucking hard bits.

Drinks with Corinne afterwards. Sad but nice. 

Coming home (drunk) to the perfectly cooked jacket potato thanks to Matt.

Walking past the Women of World War II memorial

Power ballads and Drake. And the resulting chair dancing.

Dinner and drinks with Georgie.

My first bubble tea. Served by a hilarious and lovely man.

Georgie saying lovely things about me. And Liam too apparently.

Walking to Holborn (as usual) and singing Call Your Girlfriend the whole way.

Oh and I ordered my new phone.

​Cocktails olives and giggles with Ismay and Claudia for her last day. Propeller. 

Finding the fancy teabag I lost yesterday on the doorstep. And then drinking it.

Sending waving bear gifs to bumbles


A day with people I like. Away from the estate.
A sunny lunch with Bradnam in the park.
An evening on the Southbank and London nighttime walking.


Rochelle’s bitmoji about Sophie talking all the way through the minute’s silence.
The plane’s headlights in the clouds.
Dinner and drinks with Liv.


Walking home through parks filled with autumn leaves.
Columbia road.
Some drinks with Jonny


The beautiful soft clouds
Flat card games
Going for a drink


Learning Italian. Or trying at least. I can’t roll my R’s.
Going for drinks after work.
‘Cheers!’ ‘It’s so romantic!’


A cheeky cocktail at work.
A Korean pork bun.
All of us just sat around chatting.


The beautifully coloured sunset.
The sun shining through the crack in the backdoor at work.
Going out for dinner and drinks at two places we’ve never been before. Shabby chic and Spanish warmth.


My boyfriend turned the heated towel rail on this morning so I’d have a warm towel to wake up to.
Going out for a delicious dinner with him at Dragonfly to celebrate my first pay cheque. And eating loads.
Sitting in the sun having a drink after work and just spending time together.


A dinner date with a close friend. Our last one together. He bought some amazing lemon tarts. And cheesy balls.

Finally deciding on where to have our leaving drinks at the weekend. And booking it. I don’t know what I thought would happen but it was really easy to book an area. So that was nice.

Finding out a friend who has been living abroad for a few months and absolutely hating it is coming home. Unfortunately we’ll have left and wont see her but I’m so happy that she’ll be happy again.


Having a laugh with the sandwich shop lady and the Costcutter lady at lunch time

Having Radio OneXtra on at work. Destiny’s Child, Craig David and Azealia Banks. Yes.

Two free mojitos


A salad…with halloumi. I’m hoping the good outweighs the bad here. But regardless, it was delicious. Is there anything better than halloumi? I think not.

Drinks in the sun after work, talking about sausages, Germans and China.

A relaxed start to the working day with a long conversation with a lady at work. About things definitely not related to work.



Using my new Lush products that I won and smelling delicious.

The afternoon glow of sunlight in the flat.

Catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while.