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This bear
Driving over to our flatmate’s work with two other flatmates so we could hang out with him and get a free, delicious lunch
Driving up the ridiculously steep hill we live on in the old, slightly broken car and leaning back in my seat, feeling fairly certain that I’m vertical. 


Singing along to some great songs on the radio on the way back from New Year

Spending some time with my boyfriend in the car, chatting about all sorts

Playing a silly game with his parents in the evening.


Singing loudly in the car by myself.

Hearing my mums friends dad speak about his time in the navy when he was younger.

Using my new Toothy Tabs from Lush


Talcum powder. One of my favourite things about being at home.

Sorting out all my old art work from uni and college and chucking most of it away. There were some hilarious things in those folders. What was I thinking… Some of it I’m quite proud of though.

Driving and singing. Loudly.