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Office duck chat.

Realising that I have done most of the things that I needed to do for the events. 

A fun lunchtime crossword. Bearcats and tablelands. 


The cows, and adorable calf, next to the boat this morning.
Sunbathing on the hot (canal boat) roof.
Feeding the duck. From the canal boat.

The canal boat holiday has now ended. Normal service shall resume tomorrow.


Beautiful Amsterdam.
Big multicoloured ducks.
Peppa Pig hanging up on her friend.


The bold ducks who came right up to us at the park. Correction: came right up to our food.
Pride. What a film. Amazing.
The book of Christmas cracker jokes. What do angry mice give each other at Christmas? Cross-mouse cards.


Seeing the weather forecast for the next few days. Hello continuous sunshine. You can stay.

Walking along the canal eating a fish finger sandwich, chatting to my boyfriend and spotting a mandarin duck (my favourite)

Meeting new people. And enjoying it. Maybe I will be alright when we’re travelling then.

20130330-222706.jpgSeeing two ducks fight over a lady duck. Never seen it before.

Feeding the ducks on the canal. Fun no matter what age you are

Homemade chocolate brownie i.e. butter, chocolate and sugar. Yes please