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Indian pood.

Another games night with Jen. What we both needed really.

Cheesy beans and a poached egg on toast. Comfort food.

My breakfast. A smashed egg on sourdough. 

A nut roast, cooked by my housemates.


Cool egg patterns

A day of doing. Made a dress, mowed the lawn, planted a tree.

Discovered we can watch catch up TV on our TV. Watched Eden with Bivan whilst eating too many nachos.


An odd but delicious dinner
Political chats with mum. ‘I want to cut Boris’s balls off!’
And the messages that I could send afterwards. Mum friends.


Breakfast. Potato rosti, poached egg, asparagus and haddock. The best egg based breakfast I’ve ever paid for.
The winning cream tea – it all came down to the scone. And the fourth cream tea in four days. Winning.
An accidental ferry ride.


Weaving. The perfect Friday night activity when you have a migraine and can’t move.
Signature pussy.
Egg and avocado.


Some bonding with Clare over the chickens and Terry.
And then our Twitter conversation later on.
Holding the still warm egg, fresh from the hens. I’ve never held a newly laid egg before.


The NZ Family Camp style group at the Totaranui DoC site. One with this monster of a van!
Driving the van to a shadier spot with him still asleep in the back at 8am to try and cool the car down and go back to sleep.
The egg shell disaster. I managed to get shell in the cup before I even got any egg in there. Absolute nightmare.


We slept with the door open last night. I woke up to the fresh air, the morning sun, that morning smell and a few gentle outdoor sounds. I felt like I was on holiday.

I finished writing all the blogs I had to do for a company I work for that I just can’t stand. All done. No more. Goodbye.

A boiled egg for dinner (part two. I was hungrier than I thought). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I bloody love eggs.

Image: Jason Lowe