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Doing my first fly zip on some jeans.

Bob and Tash know each other!

Half Egg Christmas pub dinner. With a toilet with a flush that was miles from the toilet.

Siri buying and making me lunch.

Ciaran was at the pub!

Being invited paddle boarding on Sunday.

Enjoying a London Eggs hangout. Feels like an age since I’ve enjoyed one.

Buying a desk and a beautiful lamp.

Having some quiet time on the train to and from to read my book.

A slow morning. Eggs on toast cooked by Stuart and then coming home and starting work late.

A warm room.

Being on the roof at work.

Matt cooking me eggs for a hungover breakfast.

Matt cooking us a roast for a still slightly hungover Sunday dinner.

Gusty having his baby!

Random three chips with my THREE egg breakfast. 

Charlie the dog. Courtesy of Alec.

R and She. With Dom!

Modern ghosts. Psssst what’s your WiFi password?

Bubbles in the service station

Delicious breakfast by the harbour.


Baked eggs with cheese. Delicious delicious delicious.
My period finally started. Blood blood blood.
Going into the male-filled cafe to buy a cake.


The Hidden Underground tour at Aldwych. SO good!
Drunken eggs.
Running across the road with Jonny.


Jo’s reaction to the hipster book.
Getting the train, not the coach.
The breakfast of breakfasts. Everything you could want. Sweetcorn hashcakes. Halloumi. Avocado. Eggs. So delicious.


Beautiful, speckled eggs.
Spilt sugar.
A melted pot.


Going out for brunch and having the best eggs and salmon I’ve ever had.
Walking arm in arm, drinking a delicious homemade, organic chai from the new Mister Chai caravan.
The blog about feminism and rape culture that my boyfriend put up on Facebook.


My ham and egg pie sign at work. It went down almost as well as the pie. My friend’s book is finally published!
Making my colleagues laugh.


Going to the shop for milk and bread and only coming away with milk and bread.

My boyfriend looking at my recent work, without me asking him to.

Scrambled eggs for dinner. Just what I wanted.