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Corbyn accidentally boob high fiving and being ‘serenaded’ as he left the house this morning. Ooooh Jeremy Coooorbyn!

Emily telling me how much she appreciated me when she was dealing with stuff with her mum. It was really touching. Unfortunately I was a bit too drunk for the moment.

Being saved by having a beer with Mike, on the floor of his room as he smoked out the window. It felt like being a student again. And no tears.


Early morning voting
Discovering Muji does ice tea.
I got to leave work on time!


Colour by numbers vulva by Jo Harrison at WoW
Sophie Walker’s speech for Mayor. She’s so so brilliant.
Dinner date with Jonny. Spent way too much money but it was worth every penny. Such a babe.


Being excited by a job description again.
He might get to work on a film!
Voting. Seeing all the different people there voting too. It really feels like you’re a part of something big.