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This email from a friend/colleague. What a lovely thing to read.

Talking about Body of Women and feminism with Pete. He’s a sweet guy.

Reminiscing about Mike with Lauren and Bivan as she cleaned out the gross fridge.


This traffic light in Wellington.
Retelling my day to my boyfriend. LEMONS!
Emails about pubic hair.


Dropping everything at work. Including the last croissant.
An email from Jonny.
A hot body to lie next to while reading.


Arranging for any leftover food at work to be donated to the women’s refuge down the road.
Someone took the coffee grinds I put outside of work for their compost heap. It’s working! Recycling and waste elimination is coming to the Deli.
An email from one of my best friends back home.

Lovely image of a cloud hugging the sun.

Finishing both my jobs by 6.10. Time to turn off the laptop.

An email from a celebrity that I love. And it had a kiss on the end!

A funny email from my friend that genuinely made me LOL.

A lovely email from a favourite colleague saying goodbye (because I’m leaving, it wasn’t a suicide note).

Discovering there is such a thing as a breakfast cake.