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Dancing on my own this evening.

Selling sunset. It’s so ridiculous. Chrishelle is killing it this season.

Finally feeling like I have some energy back. FINALLY!

Cleaning the shower and mopping the floor. It’s been forever. I finally had the energy for it.

Driving the van. And then WFH for the rest of the afternoon.

Chatting to Sally about the job and how annoying Louisa is.

I had enough energy to shop and do website stuff and wash up and clean the bathroom (some of it) and organise presents.

Looking through old photos of New Zealand and other things. I want to see more of the world again.

Having donations from strangers on the internet.

A walk along the river with the sky bright blue and some cows.

Dancing to raise the energy. With Taylor of course.

More Task Master. I’m not ashamed. I love it.

Seeing Naomi and hearing how what I did inspired other people.

Looking at the images. Its going to be such a great exhibition!

Shaking, twisting and tapping with Ismay to wake up.


My Hiut jeans arrived, FINALLY! It’s been a few months of waiting but they are here and they fit and I feel good.
Feeling the blood and the energy rushing around my body at yoga.
Having a chat with Ryan. I haven’t spoken to him much before. He’s really lovely.


The shoe fence.
Kicking a stone at the waterfall.
Getting my energy back down by the water.