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Women chats with Holly over breakfast. Well, willy chats.

A day at WOW. As inspiring and eye opening as ever. I just love being there.

Having some time alone, in London. I really enjoy having a day off during the week. It feels really good. 


Colour by numbers vulva by Jo Harrison at WoW
Sophie Walker’s speech for Mayor. She’s so so brilliant.
Dinner date with Jonny. Spent way too much money but it was worth every penny. Such a babe.


Another big bring and share lunch at LCR. I love this office. So much food and laughter and, bizarrely, singing.
The Women’s Equality Party night. So incredible, so amazing. Sandi Toksvig is an absolute god. I was so moved and so excited and so positive. What an incredible thing to be a part of.
Walking back through London with Jo, past the beautiful light up buildings, hearing Big Ben chime and talking in a way that we haven’t done for months. Such a perfect evening.


Getting to leave work for a few minutes to go buy plasters i.e. go for a walk in the sun and being paid for it.
My colleague talking about Mr Ham.
Reading about the first day of gay marriage in the UK. Beautiful stories, fantastic progress and just the best news.
Image: Neil Hall /Reuters


A lovely email from my lovely mum

Actually spending my evening doing the things I meant to do, rather than sacking them off and doing nothing. Feeling pretty smug right now.

This amazing video from an MP in New Zealand on gay marriage.



A postcard from my nan.

Tripping over my foot whilst walking past a busy bus stop and then going ‘OOOoop!’ Funny and embarrassing.

Gay marriage passes the House of Commons, 400 to 175.