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Walking around Pisa on my own

The Pisa tower fail photo

Getting home and unpacking and washing

Lunch with Alec. He told me he asked me because I’m a good person to speak to if you’re feeling down. Which made me really happy. 

Discovering the cutesy sold in Brixton Village.

Our hilarious but unsuccessful fireworks night. Sneaking into a park, setting off three, they all skidded along the ground, almost hit a house and nearly exploded on Alec. So we ran away and went to a pub instead. We made do with giant sparklers instead. 


This comment from Anonymous on my blog two days ago. I marked it as spam but it really made me laugh. Especially as I wasn’t even talking about Superman the man or comic, but The Superman, that silly gymnastic move where you pretend to fly on someone’s feet. But I guess everyone feels passionately about something…. Right? FYI, the word ‘SUCKS’ goes on and on and on.
Listening to Jake Bugg in the shower after work.
Buttery mashed potato.


Watching the cat try to stalk a fly. And failing.
Having a nice colleague for my first day at my second job.
A selfie of mum and dad in London, waiting for le Tour de France to start.


Being told how much fun I was last night. Which is always nice to hear.

The sun. Bright and warm and very welcomed as winter starts to fade away (hopefully)

You’ve Been Framed. Always.