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The smell of the autumn leaves.

I sewed a bib for my friends new baby. I haven’t sewn in a while so that was really nice.

A massage from Joy.

And watching Blue Planet II with the housemates. 

The trees outside my window have changed colour, seemingly overnight.

The huge Turkish meal we had exploring a new bit of London. And the very friendly staff. 

Got my necklace fixed. I love being able to wear it again. 

Walking with Hannah. Canals, parks, trees, scones.

Beautiful autumn leaves.






As usual, a walk in the park gave me lots to smile about. The leaves, the beautiful colours, the smells, the squirrels hopping about. I took lots of photos and don’t want to choose which to use. So you’re getting all of them.

Listening to some Beyonce and getting excited about going to g-a-y for the first time tomorrow night.

A leaf floated alongside me as I walked back by the canal.