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A moment of normality walking with Jonny to Jo’s new flat.

Rewatching Grace and Frankie.

Checking out the farmers market. It was a bit crap but it was nice to go to. 


Showing mum and dad the farmers market.
Bumping into a customer from work who told my parents what a lovely woman I am. Which is always nice to hear.
Going for dinner with people we spent Christmas with but who we didn’t really know. It was so nice to have new people to talk look to and they are so lovely. Plus the food was delicious. 


An adorable 3 year old boy on a Chinese talent show dancing and talking about happiness.
Skyping with friends back home and finding out where they’re getting married.
A delicious veggie curry and cheese roti wrap from the market.


I swam in the sea!
The Farmer’s Market down on the waterfront with the sun shining and everybody smiling
Driving up Mt Vic at night to see the huge moon and the city lights. It was gorgeous and so warm and calm. One of the best things we’ve done here.