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Free chai and chaat at the event today.

A big fart.

Elliott remembering me at the salon.

Brunch with Rosie and Ming.

Tash farting on my hand whilst saying I’M GOING TO FART ON YOUR HAND.

‘I want to be in America!’ songs that reminded me of mum and nan when I was little from West Side Story.

Taking the day to rest, sleep and get better.

Lying naked in the sun on my bed.

Han sneezing and farting.

Tash farting after cauliflower.

Ice cream that tasted like clotted cream.

Letting Elliott off the lead at Ally Pally and seeing her run around and fall over herself with excitement.

Going to visit Fiona at Camley Street – it’s such a beautiful site!

Hot water bottle, blanket, Attenborough and an almost snooze on the sofa.

Fart graffiti.

A loud fart.

Revisiting the vulva exhibition and listening to the stories. Some really made me smile. Especially the plastic surgeon who told one woman her vulva was normal and to go home and look up photos so she could see for herself.

A crumble street food stall. GENIUS.

My nephew’s bed head. And trying to say the word vulva. But looking generally unimpressed.

Doing a double fart whilst running and laughing out loud.

Being silly with Jonny. We were both in good moods and his beer arrived and we didn’t want to work. It was nice.

Grassy shadows.

Accidentally did a super loud fart. Luckily Jonny had just gone out.

Sewing. Making little bibs for Fred and Martha. And picking up some scrubs to sew tomorrow for the NHS.

The misty morning. It wasn’t even cold. Just beautiful.

The quiet walk around the lake. With mossy photo shoots.

Han farting.

ASMR on Spotify all day long

A night, and the house, to myself

Office Sarah and her small fart story

This dog fart photo. I couldn’t actually handle this at lunch time.

A sideways laughing emoji from Alec. Eeeeeh.

Ending a boring date and discovering messages from him. I hope it means something. 🙈

Waking up, smelling like wood smoke from the fire last night.

An accidental loud, parp-y kind of fart in the shower. That made me full on lol.

Jonny came to stay. We went for Turkish food, ping pong and watched Archer in bed. It was perfect. 

Accidental loud fart. Very loud.

Yummy, moist carrot cake.

Becoming an official volunteer and having my skills very highly sung in the WhatsApp group.

An accidental loud fart. And then another one.

GBBO at Godfrey. Come on Val, pull it together!

James. Offering me money. So lovely.


Poo stories. My friend sharted and then I farted loudly in yoga. Too many laughs.
A coffee and a book. By myself, for myself.
I touched a genuine bar of gold.


Deciding to brave the rain and go for the walk along Charming Creek.
This cool tree covered in moss and plants.
I did a REALLY stinky fart in the van and had to open the door to let it out.


Smelling the grass and the air at Aotearoa Stonehenge.
His dad saying bellend and not meaning a penis and me smirking with my head down, trying not to laugh.
An accidental fart. Funnier because I couldn’t laugh as much as I wanted to.


Sitting in our van after work, reading in the sun.
My drunk housemate accidentally farting. Tried so hard to not laugh out loud and embarrass him.
Then laughing about it with him later on.


White table and chairs and green plants. A little courtyard out on Courtenay Place.
The Radiolab podcast on dolphins.
A squeaky fart.


The baby sized butternut squash that my boss bought because she knew I’d love it. It’s called a butter kid. So cute!
A farty boyfriend.
Getting a $100 note! Never had one of those before.


Chatting to an old friend from home about happiness.
Sleeping in till 9.
Fart noises.


This pun on the bank’s pen holder.
Remembering the time when I was about 15 when mum accidentally did a really loud, really long fart.
The cute old couple on Inside Claridges.


The Red Delicious apple I ate in the afternoon. It was red and it was delicious.

A funny sounding fart

This song on BBC6 music this morning