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The new Good Magazine
Someone telling me they liked my dress
Catching sight of my new haircut in the mirror and thinking ‘yeah, I like that’


My boyfriend bringing me toast and painkillers to ease my hangover as I lay pathetically sprawled on the sofa trying to work

And then buying biscuits, ice cream (twice) and French cakes

Wearing a nice outfit out in the evening and feeling really happy in it


A few drinks with close friends at a nice pub where we chatted about all the amazing things we’ll be doing when we’re away.

My denim jacket. I haven’t worn it for ages but I remembered how much I love it.

The adorable tiny ducklings and the mandarin duck on the canal. And the coot that ran across the water for ages.


Wearing my new dress from the swish and getting a few compliments on it.

Catching up with another old friend that I see even less than the friends that I saw yesterday.

Free (and delicious) crepes for dinner.

Image: Shutterbug London (the people who made the amazing crepes)


Having my boyfriend discover the treasure hunt advent calendar. And liking it.

Him buying me a surprise lemon meringue tart.

The swish with two friends that have lots of clothes that I want. And I now have several of them.