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The dog riding the suitcase.

Soaking my feet in hot water.


Getting to be out in the sun for work.

Seeing Sarah in the office.

Picking at my feet after the foot peel mask.

Naked male feet, enjoying the sun at lunch time. Not something I’d usually enjoy but it made me happy to see toes enjoying the warmth towards the end of September.

Feeling calm about Sunday. Walking around in the sun, putting up posters slowly and not feeling stressed.

An evening on the sofa with a book, apple and peanut butter and a teapot of green tea.


A newspaper article about happiness. *warmth spreading*
Putting on hot socks straight out the drier and then putting on warm slippers. Toasty toes.
Starting to write about our journey. My first book. Perhaps.


Washing my feet after work. All inbetween the toes and scrubbing all the bits. It felt so nice after a day on my feet.
The Graham Norton show. With Ronnie Corbit and Ricky Gervais.
Free pavlova. Free, delicious pavlova.


Custard creams

The man on the tube who had the biggest shoes on. They surely can’t have fitted his feet. They were massive. In all aspects. Long, wide, thick. Just huge.

Doing some yoga before bedtime.


Seeing the baby again

The delicious cranachan for desert

Warming my feet up on his tummy before bed

Image: peacecooking