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A great iced coffee.

Code Names in the park in the shade.

Fireworks from the music in the park.

Little cute glass of bubbles for NYE

Staying up until midnight with Fiona to watch the fireworks (and the DRONES!)

Face mask and new skin care.

Watching a woman getting all her hair chopped off to donate. I stayed after my haircut was over just to watch.

Talking to Kevin about making clothes. It’s really nice when someone is genuinely impressed.

Watching the fireworks out the window.

Winning the boob cast that I’m obsessed with!

A fancy breakfast.

A lunchtime walk with the sun shining and a bit of warmth and bright leaves.

Accidentally getting hyped up on Gu before bedtime and doing sofa gymnastics with Jonny.

Finally spotting a firework!

Ally Pally fireworks. Genuinely really good.

Followed by the random but brilliant mariachi band in the tent. Feeling like I was in a festival, but in London.

Watching the huge bonfire. There’s something so calming about watching a fire.

Lunch with Alec. He told me he asked me because I’m a good person to speak to if you’re feeling down. Which made me really happy. 

Discovering the cutesy sold in Brixton Village.

Our hilarious but unsuccessful fireworks night. Sneaking into a park, setting off three, they all skidded along the ground, almost hit a house and nearly exploded on Alec. So we ran away and went to a pub instead. We made do with giant sparklers instead. 

Box tower.
Arrested Development with Jonny.

Watching the fireworks from the balcony, hugging Hannah on her last night in London. 


Dame Judy Dench and a really life-like painting at the National Portrait Gallery.
The amazing firework show at Victoria Park.
Free Indian starters.


Going back and finding the 20c on the floor at Auckland airport so we could scrape all our last coins together to buy a bottle of water.
Singing along to ‘Call Me Maybe’ together on a little food high.
Landing in Beijing over Chinese New Year and seeing fireworks going off all around the plane and all over the city. Such an amazing thing to see. Happy Chinese New Year!


Seeing carefree kids run around dancing and playing.
The amazing Wellington fireworks show.
The crowds and crowds of people all going to see the fireworks. It was really fun to be part of the excitement.


The announcement at the train station – ‘due to the inclement weather…’ Talk about an understatement. And inclement is just such a brilliant word.

The ducks swimming in the flooded fields

The entire evening. So much fun – dark walks in secret tunnels, games, friends, fireworks, a pretty village and loads of laughing. Happy new year everyone.

Image: Manggy


I went for a walk in the park after work. The darkening sky was a really consuming grey. It felt very other-worldly and dream like.

I was one of very few people in the park. At times I could see no one else. Which for a London park is quite odd. But exactly what I wanted.

The orange glow of the houses and insides of buses as the sky got darker made it feel perfectly wintery.

Ok so I know it’s called three little things but I clearly posted too early today. Just watching the most incredible firework display out my window. Best fireworks I’ve ever seen! Incredible.

orange half peeled

The smell of orange as the lady next to me ate one on the overground. It smelt sharply of Christmas (yes that word again)

Having my third session of IPL. One step closer to no body hair stresses (well…fewer body hair hair stresses)

Watching several simultaneous firework displays from my flat, nose pressed against the window.

Image: Sweet Violet



We went to a new cafe and had a hot chocolate. They came with cute chocolate hearts on top.

We had a tickle fight in the lift on the way out. I lost but I still couldn’t help but laugh.

The big firework display in Blackheath. Mulled wine, hats and gloves and of course, the fireworks.