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Finished my top

A little wander around Stoke Newington, buying fabric and drinking chai lattes

Cauliflower cheese. (And fish fingers)


The thunder and lightning storm in the afternoon with rain that made everything smell like hot, wet summers.
The smell of towels that have dried in the sun.
Fish fingers.


Our slightly unconventional Sunday road. Yep, they are fish fingers.
Clearing the van and planning our conversion.
Smashing out our market shop in record time and for a record low budget. We’ve really got good at this.


Seeing the weather forecast for the next few days. Hello continuous sunshine. You can stay.

Walking along the canal eating a fish finger sandwich, chatting to my boyfriend and spotting a mandarin duck (my favourite)

Meeting new people. And enjoying it. Maybe I will be alright when we’re travelling then.


Deciphering a Nicki Minaj lyric that I hadn’t understood before

A delicious apple

Fish fingers