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Watching the green and yellow fields whizz by on the train back to London.

Finally went into the gym. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Probably because Friday night is not when the biggest gym kids go there…

Taking time afterwards to just sit in the changing room, cooling down and answering messages slowly. No rushing for me today.

Another perfect avocado for breakfast. Lidl have totally nailed it this week.

I went for a run! And then did some weights and some yoga and I feel so damn good about it all!

Left work early to go visit a beautiful ecological centre by my house. 


I swam 50 lengths.
Doggy massage.
Staying up watching Beyoncè videos with Jonny.


Dinner with Corinne.
A little bee present from her too!
Going to the gym. I was please that I was still myself in such an un-me situation. And for a lot of it I wasn’t the most awkward person there which was great!