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Allison and Sylvia.

Putting the vulva booklet into canva.

A big beautiful daisy.


An afternoon nap.

Haircut. It feels so good to have it short again.

Being recognised at the fabric shop.

The free sunflower from a lovely neighbour.

I made chive pancakes. Well, my version of.

P.s. and smiling at the guy who plays the instrument under the bridge. And he grinned back.

A giant sunflower

Going to Fulham Palace with my cousin

Food of the future! 

A huge bumblebee on my sunflower. 🐝🌻

Conversations with Hannah about spaff and blowies. Just really tickled me.

Which gave me the energy to clean the house. Which made me feel loads better.

The Nova Joy plant has flowered! New beautiful joy here we come!

Sitting in the garden, picking weeds with Lauren.

Then chatting to her for quite a while. Looking up Russian dating sites, talking about garden plans (mostly solar powered fairy lights). It was exactly what I needed. 


This beautiful, if slightly battered, flower I found on the pavement.
Fresh mint in my water. Feels like holidays and summer and happiness.
Time alone watching RuPaul and relaxing.


Seeing a man yawn MASSIVELY out the train window. A really big goggly eyed, dislocated jaw yawn when you forget people can see you.

A wild flower growing in our little balcony garden

Realising that its a month tomorrow until we leave on our big trip. Yikes!