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Liam coming to my rescue and driving me to the airport.

Itsu dinner.

Three seats to myself on the plane.

The weather being lovely so we could fly back to Tbilisi in the teeny tiny plane and see all the amazing views on the way.

Our lovely new apartment. And doing some yoga in it.

Exploring the Old Town – cable cars, Mother of Georgia, the 4th century fortress, fruity iced tea and steep cobbled roads.

The incredible sunrise as we landed back in the UK. And seeing London from the plane. And working out where my house is.

Autumn leaves and a sunny and surprisingly hot walk in the park

My little flat and my fabulous housemate.

Not really sure what day it is or whether it’s been a whole day. But…

Slippers onboard

The film on the plane with that women from Girls that I like. And watching it at the same time as Han.

Arriving in Hanoi to a very quiet airport. Perfect for napping before the next flight.


The view from the top of the tower.
The singing scouts in the square
Seeing the other aeroplane whizz past out the window.


Going back and finding the 20c on the floor at Auckland airport so we could scrape all our last coins together to buy a bottle of water.
Singing along to ‘Call Me Maybe’ together on a little food high.
Landing in Beijing over Chinese New Year and seeing fireworks going off all around the plane and all over the city. Such an amazing thing to see. Happy Chinese New Year!


Watching two films ‘together’ on the plane. We counted down to press play.
Realising that I no longer need to worry about big dangerous spiders and snakes.
Dinner. We spent most of it in hysterics, making stupid faces and being a bit silly.


Cedars Bakery. Again. Still good.
Getting to lie down on the flight. So much more comfortable.
Discovering our roommates in the hostel went to the same uni as us. One even did the same course as me but a few years later.


Spying Mt Taranaki out the plane window.
Getting home after a week away.
A haircut. A joint haircut in fact.


Finishing the futon mattress covers for the van.
The huge low moon distracting me slightly as the plane took off.
Getting to the hotel and discovering the mini bar. Hot chocolate and biscuits demolished before bed.


Going to New Brighton Beach for a lovely sunny walk and spying the snow topped mountains behind us.
The flight was, as usual, a bit scary fire my but we saw some absolutely amazing views on the way, the huge range of snowy mountain tops, the sounds, the Strait, the sunset and the clouds.
The card from our friend back home filled with the tiniest writing possible.