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Breaking news.

Singing on my own in the house.

Sitting and watching Adam record his football soundbite. Weird but funny.

Watching the England match in Alec’s garden, with a delicious BBQ and funny friends.

Lying on my bed, with the sun glinting through the tree outside my window, reading.

Silly jinx conversations.


My cockney cuppa tea
Finding links to another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Yuss!
Texting mum this morning. “The ref is a wanker!”


Geordies in the New Zealand national newspaper.
Morning messages across multiple timezones about S Club 7, Pat Sharp, a semi famous werewolf and sausages.
Wearing nice pants.


Going into STA Travel and finding out more about our trip away. Goodbye stressful job, hello world!

Getting all feminist and empowered at the fundraising event for my friend’s amazing girls football project.

Chatting to a minor celebrity at the fundraising event and making her laugh. Win.