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A lovely tweet from Michael.
Friday Night Dinner.
A whole heap of vegetables


Crimble crumble!
Totally nailing the event today. It went really well, they liked the crafts, they liked me. I even stopped shaking and enjoyed myself.
Seeing Suffragette finally.


A sunny winters day and a walk to the bank.
Seeing Theodore, now a big 2 and a half year old. Very different to the last time we saw him.
Friday Night Dinner.


One of the canapés at the course today was ‘steak on a chip’. Literally a tiny bit of steak on one chip. Really made me giggle. But no one else found it remotely funny. Which only made it funnier.

Bumping into my boyfriend on the tube and getting to walk home with him.

Watching the new series of Friday Night Dinners. And laughing. A lot.