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A night out with Jo and Jonny.

Bumping into my favourite cousin on said night out.

DELICIOUS food. Momos, thali, the whole lot. So good.

Started talking at work again. Called James a flirt. Tried not to laugh at the word tits during the lunch break bird chat.

Immediate drinking with Jonny after work. What a fucking ridiculous day.

ICCO pizza. Oh how I love you.


A morning swim. Really thought I wouldn’t do it but I did.
Cracking on and starting the job application. Pretty productive for a Friday afternoon.
A Bumble message.


Friday treat from mum
‘Working from home’ in the morning. i.e. dancing in front of the mirror.
Weeeee! Got a new job and quit my old one! Bye Felicia!


That Friday feeling in the office. Not much working but lots of introducing people to Bitmoji and playing board games.
Everyone stamping up the stairs at the station.
Ed kept my card.


A salad…with halloumi. I’m hoping the good outweighs the bad here. But regardless, it was delicious. Is there anything better than halloumi? I think not.

Drinks in the sun after work, talking about sausages, Germans and China.

A relaxed start to the working day with a long conversation with a lady at work. About things definitely not related to work.



A rusty smile

The story of the photographer who took photos of a boy with muscular dystrophy doing all the things he cant do

Walking to the pub after work in the sun


These cups from Liberty

Going for a walk and deciding at the end to extend it because it felt so nice to be walking around than sat at my laptop

Getting the bottle of wine ready to drink. Opening the bottle and gradually getting a whiff of it as I got dinner read. Hello Friday.