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Waking up with him. Making dumb jokes about baby Sophie. Remembering what he said about my eyes. 

Making jokes with the pharmacy ladies.

A night in with Matt and Bivan, watching two films, eating two pizzas and discussing the queuing systems at the local shops. (Shit photo, great night)


Slow walking, looking at pretty buildings near Hyde Park.
Watching Friends in the living room with a veggie stew.
The woman who served me in Tesco and said ‘have a nice evening, enjoy your…go-noki’


I really liked the splat mark of my teabag this morning.
Chatting to the lovely friendly woman on the Scottish food stall.
Walking home in the sunny warm evening, popping into a new charity shop and trying a few roads I haven’t walked down before.


The friendly lady in the gym

The snail on the pavement

A delivery of scones and heart shaped brownies at work



My very friendly physiotherapist who laughed with me at my pathetically weak legs

Walking home and feeling so warm in the sun that I had to take my coat off

Stepping foot in our new office for the first time.

Image: collective collage