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I reupholstered the two chairs at work.

Using a cabbage leaf as an incense holder.

Talking to a visitor at work about art and nature and mindfulness.

Enjoying a London Eggs hangout. Feels like an age since I’ve enjoyed one.

Buying a desk and a beautiful lamp.

Having some quiet time on the train to and from to read my book.

Got my new (to me) bedside table. I love my white room.

Got my finished pottery back. It’s so satisfyingly smooth.

Organised and sorted out my room. Chucked a whole heap of stuff out and tidied lots. I feel pretty calm after that. 

‘Working’ from home. Or embroidering for a few hours.

Finding the perfect bedside table. Secondhand. Wooden. White. Cheap. I knew I was waiting for a reason.

Starting the campsite research. And not being immediately put off. Maybe it could happen.


A day in the workshop learning antique furniture finishes. Spraying, painting and waxing. So cool.
Canada Water Street Feast with two babes. God I love Yum Buns.
Seeing that famous guy that I didn’t know.


“You’re so easy to get along with” and ‘You really cheered me up this evening”
Pub night with the GW family
My new chest of drawers.


A swimming pool full of stuff. I can’t believe how much stuff there was.
Such a positive morning on the estate. Perceptions challenged, neighbours met and positive vibes all round.
Laughs in Finsbury.


Managing to organise furniture for our pop up. And it’s free!

Turning the light on at the exact same time that the kettle flicked off. So the two clicks were perfectly in time with each other. No idea why this made me smile but it did.

I went to the filming of Graham Norton’s New Year’s Eve show this evening. Apologies for the awful photo but I had to sneak it. You’re not allowed to take pictures of it. Woops.