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Being at exactly the right spot on the tube at Kings Cross AND Barbican, without knowing the journey.

A good dementia event that’s given me lots of ideas about how to make the park and the centre better.

Gay Santa.

A perfect sunny breakfast at Blighty. In the garden, with a gorgeous puppy.

Walking round the reservoirs in the beautiful sunshine.

A night with Jonny on the river. And getting hit on. Totally unexpected and really quite nice. 

Random three chips with my THREE egg breakfast. 

Charlie the dog. Courtesy of Alec.

R and She. With Dom!

R and She! Yas queen!

Getting a backy all the way home.

Working on my vagina brand


R and She at Tipsy. BEST NIGHT.
Cards and hip hop with Jonny.
Neck licking.


Yaaasss! Bus giggles.
Rachel putting things in peoples bins on the tube.
Norwood and chickens. The Rachel’s and the Christmas tree. The hackney office is the best.


A bit of my man hating side coming out as I learn French. Whoops.
Celebrating our friends engagement.
A bit of a ‘coming out’ at work. Suddenly everything feels a bit more relaxed.