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Chopped open my pepper to find a smaller pepper inside.

Discovering Han sent me £10 for chocolate.

Also chats about her long eyebrow hair.

Breakfast with Tash – a very flaky croissant.

Fresh lemon drizzle cake.

A voucher for a free deodorant case from Greg. For the exact deodorant I use but don’t have a case for.

Leaving the house at 8.30pm for a walk and spotting this snail.

Getting the Wuka hot water bottle.

The Shaggy/shanty song from Doug.

The interview is over and done with!

Seeing Jo again.

A recovery present from Tash

Knowing that Jo is home and safe and sleeping.

Alec sending me a free HelloFresh box. Such a lovely boy.

Bao buns and Drag Race.

I made trousers.

My yellow wallet arrived from Ming.

Han sent a little care package.

(also TikTok)

A thank you parcel from my cousin with beautiful smelling organic soap.

Sean meeting Jo.

Watching Not the 9O’Clock News clips, after Dotori and beer.

A successful Period Party. Almost £200 raised for Bloody Good Period.

A lovely card and present from Rosie to say thanks for staying in our flat over the weekend.

Getting Cooper to say masturbation, mons pubis and vulva.

Sleeping and Grace and Frankie until 12. 

Lauren having to rip herself out of her trousers.

Seeing Stuart for the first time in 10 days. So nice to have cuddles. And plan all the fun things we’ll do together this year. And he gave me this lovely waffle jumper that sort of matches Jonny’s!

Coming home. To this incredible birthday present from my housemates!

A bath and a face mask.

Alec drinking beer with my cake mum.

Volunteering for Bloody Good. Going and setting up their new extra storage unit. I didn’t really want to go out on the rain but it was really good and I’m so glad I did it.

Being interviewed by Jinan about my vulva t-shirts for their Christmas newsletter. After a day of doing lots of vagina and BOW work. It’s great to have this time to work on all this stuff.

The KBT Christmas party. Pizza, cheese, tequila and beer pong. Highlight was chucking around aaaalllll the balls. And my vulva present from Jen.

A breakfast date with Holly before her honeymoon. Double coffee and an almond croissant and three hugs.

A hectic but quite fun day, doing four people’s jobs. The caffeine and mystery dessert left by Gust helped. Pretty sure it had alcohol in it. 

My Secret Santa present from my housemate. He knitted me my vulva design! I was completely blown away – what an amazing and thoughtful (and time consuming) gift!


Peanut butter Magnum. Thanks for the idea mum
The beautiful sarong my mum sent me for my holiday next week.
The smell of summer


Fems bracelets.
The yellow sunlight from the sunset shining into the flat.
The curls on the drawing of me.


Dinner with Corinne.
A little bee present from her too!
Going to the gym. I was please that I was still myself in such an un-me situation. And for a lot of it I wasn’t the most awkward person there which was great!


Giant’s House in Akaroa. So cool and not at all what I was expected.
The Malteasers and cherries fiasco at lunch.
Getting a gift of two courgettes from the lovely campsite we’re on.


I got given flowers as a leaving present from a lovely customer at work. It was such a surprise.
And then I got given a bottle of wine 2 minutes later by another customer. I was so touched.
I put my flatmates bed together all by myself.


A parcel from my mum with my favorite pair of shoes and some Marks and Spencer pants.
Full body hugging.
A really bloody delicious tart for dinner. If I do say so myself.


Watching the stream rise from my cup of tea.
Getting a gift from my housemate. A copy of Alexa Chung’s book that I keep reading bits of whenever I linger in a bookshop.
Finding out my clever boss split my holiday pay over two weeks so I WILL get some money tomorrow. Hurrah!


Today was the day of our second pop up event so lots of things made me smile. But if I had to pick just 3 things…

A uni friend that made the effort to come, despite not living in London

Getting a late birthday present from my old housemates. And it was a pair of shoes I really wanted. Such a generous gift.

One of the cakes we sold was an apple and blackberry crumble cake. And it. Was. Incredible.


My boyfriend’s Christmas present arrived and it looks like it will fit him.

Got a lot of work done and felt much less stressed.

Made another cork bowl. This time for a friend for Christmas. Another one ticked off the list and no money spent. Boom.


Having my boyfriend discover the treasure hunt advent calendar. And liking it.

Him buying me a surprise lemon meringue tart.

The swish with two friends that have lots of clothes that I want. And I now have several of them.