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A cuddly morning in bed.

Tickling and poking on buses and a day of just being together.

My birthday comedy suprise night! Plus red wine.


He finished our beautiful black and white tiled kitchen in our van. I love it so much. Is there anything better than black and white tiles?
The ridiculous wind at the market this morning.
Trying to carry him to bed and hearing him giggle like a maniac.


Spring is coming.
A day of giggles and conversations about willies.
Spending the evening with some feminists.


Going to Te Papa after work for the Matariki light painting. So funny. And some amazing singing on an incredible stage.
A happy boss. Makes the day so much better. Plus she made loads of new sweet treats which I got to try.
Having a chat with my flatmate as he happened to walk past work on my break.


One of the cards I made for next weekend particularly tickled me.

A surprise Malteaser bunny

A giggling, tickling fit