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Getting the giggles moving Noah and cot from the bedroom to the living room.

The hench guy who accidentally made his hand look tiny.

The Love Trap with Jo and Benoit. Such brilliant shit!

Folding and envelope stuffing. Genuinely love a bit of that.

Some giggles with Stuart.

Delicious ramen. So much nicer than last time.



Aww it was my last day at work and it was so lovely. The big Bring and Share lunch in the garden, the Rinkoff pastries, Andy showing up with donuts, Charlie bringing me flowers, the presents and card and money, the drinks in the pub, laughing with Rochelle and Andy, the deep throat story, people turning up that I didn’t think would come, getting a hug from Andy. Everything was lovely. I’ll really miss them.


Rochelle’s bitmoji about Sophie talking all the way through the minute’s silence.
The plane’s headlights in the clouds.
Dinner and drinks with Liv.


Afternoon giggles in the Hackney office
What are you wearing tomorrow Andrew?
Noel Gallagher’s views on Taylor Swift in NME.


The view from Frank’s Cafe in Peckham.
Attack of the giggles when we ordered dinner.
Loud Nicki in the Uber on the way home.


Getting the giggles at work.
The smell of woodsmoke on the walk home.
Laughing at my housemate who drinks wine on the stupidest way.


Going to a café to do some work in the afternoon and my laptop actually worked. Ground-breaking.

The two old guys in the café. Proper East-Enders who left to go and get pie and mash for dinner.

The father and daughter walking down the street hand in hand giggling to each other.

Image: teaandsympathynewyork

Playing a silly Sunday morning game in bed

The huge library exhibition at the White Cube Gallery that looked like how you imagined library’s to look when you were a kid.

Giggles and hot drinks with two friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Image: White Cube Gallery