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Going for a walk up the hill and seeing the baby goats, the old shepherd and run down buildings.
Yoga with Adriane outside with everyone.
Lucca. Pretty. And with an ominous yellow sky above the church.
Naked bath with the Fems. Including candles, face masks, cheese and crisps.

Vegan lunch plus iced coffee

Discovering new bits of Greenwich Park with Jonny. And perving at the topless men. The weather was just perfect today.

Accidentally finding Mudchute farm whilst exploring more green London. Goats, donkeys and lambs.


Walking my new route to work. Past a Sylvanian Families shop and through the park with goats and deer.
Puzzle time at work. And we finished it!
Rochelle, in all her hilarious honesty, poo stories and boob photos.


Jonny. Just Jonny. But also this bitmoji. I love him. I miss him.
Silent night. The goat version.
Corinne. Even when she can’t move because her neck is buggered, she still cheers me up.


Googling goats for work

Live music in a small pub drinking beer. Something I haven’t done for ages

Standing next to my boyfriend in the crowd and feeling so happy to be out with him after a long week of not seeing each other