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The graffiti with the goggly eyes.

When the sun came out at lunchtime and I could have a small break in the sun on the bench.

Sending Jen the things I value about her.

Going to visit Fiona at Camley Street – it’s such a beautiful site!

Hot water bottle, blanket, Attenborough and an almost snooze on the sofa.

Fart graffiti.

Making lanterns at work. FOR WORK.

Someone had graffitied a crude jizzing cock on the pavement and it tickled me as I walked home.

The Love Trap. Still makes me laugh that they fall through the floor.

Uncovering some graffiti behind the plants.

Jacque telling me that they’d all said how much they liked me and Syd at lunch.

I got the house!

Going for a walk after work even though it was grey outside. The parkland walk was so empty, it was lovely.

Wire boobs.

A big delivery of loads of parcels. Lots of felt for the kits.

Going for the walk when I wasn’t sure I wanted to but it was lovely. And I saw some golden hour graffiti.

Voice notes from Rosie and Jen and a WhatsApp call with the Fems plus one.

Little Ben is veggie!

This beautiful tree near my house

Seeing my name graffitied on a bin. It was just so bizarre. It’s not a name you usually see anywhere.


First day at work. Smashed it. 

Pub with Ciaran and Alec. The dream team.

Doug sent me a vagina graffiti for my Instagram.


This owl graffiti that looked like a damp patch.
The freshly cut grass on the walk to work.
85p naans. Exactly when I wanted cheap naan. Thank you universe.


Seaside graffiti.
Knee dancing.
Finally figuring out what the song is.


No laughing.
Waking around Bristol in the sun.
Playing pool.


Feminist graffiti
“If you like it then you should have put a lid on it”
I got a job! One that seems nice and lovely with friendly people!


This graffiti.
The Perth Christmas Pageant. Cute kids, Santa, two bag pipe bands, Santa hat wearing Storm Troopers, pirates playing music for belly dancers and Chinese dragons.
The huge bison. I had no idea how big they are.


This. Awful but kind of funny too.
All the street art in Christchurch, in place of buildings.
Teasing mum and winding her up like I’ve always done.


This sign as I walked to meditation
Skyping with my parents
I had the most amazing, joyful experience at meditation. One that made me believe that it really will help.


This bear
Driving over to our flatmate’s work with two other flatmates so we could hang out with him and get a free, delicious lunch
Driving up the ridiculously steep hill we live on in the old, slightly broken car and leaning back in my seat, feeling fairly certain that I’m vertical.