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New desk chair.

Watching Grand Designs ‘with’ Jonny.

Han and Fred got my Dino trousers and they look great!

Some nice illuminated clouds.

Being in central London with Jo.

Paperchase. The big one.

A date at Tash’s house. Grand Designs and food and first kisses.

Mark checking up on me and telling me that a solution will be found. I love him.

Walking along the New River path. Twice. Watching the ducks and seeing the leaves change colour and being reflected in the water.

An eco Grand Designs I hadn’t seen.

Sitting in the sun in the living room, reading.

Being out in the park with the clear blue skies and the heat and the smell of summer. And a loaf of rye bread in my bag.

Grand Designs. And a lovely positive one too.

Reading the Vagina Bible and discovering my new favourite muscle. Bulbospongiosus.

Taking the late afternoon off to come home and lie down.

Green tea and a hot water bottle and heating and comfy trousers. And Bake Off and Grand Designs.

Sneakers ice cream.

Dinner with Jonny, discussing Issues. And work things. We never eat dinner at the same time.

Grand Designs. A giant treehouse. So beautiful. And I love our evenings in together.

Making a baby blanket and listening to a podcast.

Crackers from my childhood. I forgot how delicious they are.

Grand Designs. We live Kev.


A bit of a lie in.
The fox outside the office.
Watching Grand Designs together, like we used to.


Wine cartons and butter in a spray can. Things have changed since we left.
Getting to the cottage and being alone together in the middle of nowhere.
Watching that great Grand Designs with the hand built wooden house in the forest.


My date scone sign still getting lots of positive comments at work. Everyone wants to be the random man.
Being called serene.
Grand Designs. And one I hadn’t seen before.


Crunchy allergy.
The word poop. Still makes me laugh.
Watching Grand Designs.


Making a risotto from purple carrots. Delicious and beautiful. And a little unusual.
Chatting and joking with housemates over Grand Designs.
First day back at work and it was nice to spend the day joking, laughing and getting back into the swing of things.


Lunch today. Delicious food, lots of laughs and a cheap to from the next door charity shop
My gorgeous new jumper as a well done to me for getting a job
Brand new Grand Designs on TV. BRAND NEW.


A delicious soda made with homemade syrup (not homemade by me but by Six Barrel Soda)
Skyping with my three best friends back home
Watching two Grand Designs I’ve never seen before


Watching Grand Designs with my boyfriend after a long day

An amazing spinach, ricotta and pine nut filo pie at our pop up

Selling two things on eBay for a lot more than I thought


Watching the fox that likes to hang around the building

Going out onto the balcony for a little while as the sun shone

My boyfriend coming home after work when I didn’t think he was going to. Cuddles on the sofa in front of Grand Designs and a very funny New Girl.



Working from home, on my bed, with my toes in the sun

Finding the Stephen Fry autobiography that I’ve wanted for ages at the charity shop

The adorable man on Grand Designs as he ran after some paper that blew away in the wind. They were such a lovely couple and made such a gorgeous place.


The man commuting to work on a giant unicycle

Reduced price asparagus

The 100th episode of Grand Designs