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Bought myself more grapes and orange juice.

Felt the sun’s warmth on me on a little evening walk.

Stretched my back with a little bit of yoga before bed.

Sleeping and spending the day doing not much at all.

Really tasty grapes.

Picking up a book from the Blackhorse Road station free book swap.

Waking up to nice messages about the Discharge Gallery.

Listening to Cardi B on my way to work to make myself feel better. Nothing like strutting to strong music.

Grapes in my dinner sandwich.

Ginormous grapes from Jen.

A visit from Jo

Waking up late to a painkiller alarm to see that Greg had actually replied and wasn’t completely put off.

Petek with Jonny. We even got our free baklava. We haven’t been for ages so it was lovely to be remembered.


More flirting with Stuart. Probably not the best idea but fun for now

Realising I’d had a huge lie in.

Cherries and grapes

Potatoes and butter

Realising I’d had a huge lie in.

Cherries and grapes

Potatoes and butter

Teeny grapes

Feeling the hot sun on my legs in the park

Slow walking in the sun

Driving through the countryside, down beautiful old lanes in the sunshine, singing as loud as I want.

Cuddles and secrets with my gorgeous little cousin.

Grapes and clotted cream. A dream mix.

Eating grapes in bed, chatting to James.

Delicious Indian. Thanks Jai Krishna.

Ping Pong night. Plus Mario Cart. 


The smell of wood smoke and a blue sky. It’s made me yearn for a day in the countryside.

A bunch of perfectly crisp red grapes. Which I demolished in record time.

Paperman, the new short film from Disney.

victoria park sunlight leaves

Accidentally timing my walk through the park perfectly. The sinking light seemed to catch on the most colourful trees.

Receiving a spam email about penis enlargement entitled ‘So hard you can break an egg’. I would like to see that.

Red grapes.