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Pretentious hipster brunch. That was actually super delicious.

Walking along the canals, just the three fems.

Four cakes, four besties, total fems chat.

A bloody brilliant dog photo.

This hilarious article about asking the irish parliament their views on Beyonce.

Being outside in the sunshine and blue skies, delicious coffees and kiwi cafes. What a perfect day.

P.s. and an unexpected but fun WhatsApp phone call about British reservedness


A successful and delicious BBQ in our newly gardened garden. Complete with sun, friends and all the avocado and halloumi you could want.
The gorgeous walk through Springfield Park and along the canal
Cheering Jonny on at the Hackney Half. YASS BITCH!


Christmas lunch in Hackney. This wasn’t even all of it.
Another rowdy day of not much work.
Unreasonably long.


Yaaasss! Bus giggles.
Rachel putting things in peoples bins on the tube.
Norwood and chickens. The Rachel’s and the Christmas tree. The hackney office is the best.


Finally seeing a nice house.
Being back in the Hackney office.
Actually getting some work done.


Lots of muttered ‘fucks’ in the office. I like an office that swears. In fact I like this office full stop. Such a lovely day.
The red tree.
All the reclaimed wood and Mac’s in the cafe in Hackney. So hipster.


Being back in the beautiful Hackney office, with a green tunnel and the sound of birds.
Climbing up the treehouse and sitting in the sun at lunchtime.
Becoming a qualified First Aider. Scary but cool.