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The new Thursday Murder Club book.

The smell of my freshly washed hair.

Sally saying nice things about my walk yesterday and getting praise and thanks from the bosses.

My nephew’s bed head. And trying to say the word vulva. But looking generally unimpressed.

Doing a double fart whilst running and laughing out loud.

Being silly with Jonny. We were both in good moods and his beer arrived and we didn’t want to work. It was nice.

An immediate haircut

A nap on the sofa

Summer evenings, early nights and good books

Listening to and then singing along to Nat’s Christmas song. I’m worried I’m a bit obsessed.

Getting the pub space for free for my Period Party!

Just being happy. Happy I went to yoga. Happy about Nat. Happy about my medication stuff. Happy to be mouthing along to old RnB.

A walk in the park when the sun came out. It felt good to leave the house.

Sewing a cute bib for my nephew. Hopefully this one will be the right size.

Texting Han about Mr Eyebrow Hair.

Getting some projects. And the freedom to think of creative new ideas for them.

The Darkest Hour. UP YER BUM!


Seeing the early morning sky, with the sun peaking up, orangey-yellow, through the clouds.

Getting asked on a date.

Standing by the tube intersection door and getting the breeze all up in my hair. I love that feeling.

(I don’t have any photos that fit this. But I was sad that I didn’t use this fish photo the other day. So I’m putting it in. It’s my blog anyway and I can do what I want)

New job. Team of women. Kind of exciting. 

Cutting Andrea’s hair. It feels great to just snip away at someone’s hair!

Liam winning Star Baker.


Office dog! So many cuddles.
Bumble lols with Rosie.
Wig shopping!


A hot chocolate, a book and some quiet at the Happy Cafe.
My hairdresser styled my hair completely differently. It looked hilariously 80’s during and then actually really cool at the end. I spent the rest of the day looking in the mirror.
Watching Jonny play Assassin’s Creed.


My new haircut. And style. That made me laugh all the way to the station.
The head massage
Hot cross bun and a coffee I made myself for a mid morning snack. Whilst listening to 6music play Bowie tributes.


Bombay Burritos. Curry in a wrap. So delicious.
Wandering around our new neighbourhood in the sun.
Getting high-fived for my haircut.


Spying Mt Taranaki out the plane window.
Getting home after a week away.
A haircut. A joint haircut in fact.


Haircut. At a fraction of the usual price.
The Welsh landlord from the Welsh pub recognised me on the street and said hello. I’ve only been into the pub three times.
I bought even more fabric. Whoops. And then spent the afternoon sewing. I made another T-shirt and turned a big top into a vest.


Being told my haircut suits me by another customer. One of those things that you can’t hear enough.
The boss leaving us on our own this afternoon. We still worked hard but we also had a giggle and felt more relaxed without her there.
Looking in the bank and seeing both our wages in there!


Licking out the bowl for the chocolate cake mixture at work.
Being told my haircut really suits me. Which is nice because you always feel a bit self conscious after you chop it all off.
My colleague saying I’m an oasis of calm and react well in stressful situations. Which made me laugh because that’s not how anyone back home would describe me. The meditation must be working!


Discovered a new view from the next level up in our block of flats. Hello the Shard and the Gherkin. You look nice from here.

Freshly washed hair

Starting work earlier so I got to leave an hour earlier. Which just ended up feeling like I left work an hour early. Which always feels good.



Finding my first white hair. Bizarrely this made me really happy. Even though my boyfriend pulled it out.

Finishing work early and meeting my boyfriend to go shopping for travelling bits. Which is exciting in itself but its also the first time I’ve really seen him since last Thursday.

Dinner with two close friends. For the last time before we leave. Which is sad. It the night was fun. We named our top five fruits. Watermelon, grapes, plums, apples and kiwis. If you’re wondering.


Drying my hair this morning and a moth suddenly flying out of my hair (or so it seemed) and into my face. It made me jump. And then laugh. (It hadn’t flown out of my hair by the way. Unless it miraculously survived a thorough shampoo and condition)

Having a bit of spare time before leaving for work and dancing to some songs that reminded me of happy things

Getting our shares through from the Co Op. Hurrah, that will pay for two punnets of grapes and some biscuits!

20130403-221435.jpgThis image from Pinterest

Going shopping after work and getting some clothes for our trip. Even though it’s still 3 months away.

I liked how my hair looked today.


I’m on day four and my hair still doesn’t need washing. Even after I spent all last night playing with it.

He surprised me with a card, an early arrival and a lovely home cooked dinner. Made better because I thought he would be out this evening.

I’m so glad I forced myself out of bed this morning despite feeling ill. I spent the morning slow walking, belly laughing and enjoying the sun. Plus I got home just before the rain fell. Much better medicine than staying in bed feeling sorry for myself.


The animal photos on the Telegraph site and their funny captions.

Going to a Life Drawing class for the first time in years.

My hair. It was down and big and curly and smelled lovely.