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Hash browns at the airport.

Knowing where I’m going and not feeling like a tourist.

Cuddles with Ro. He’s incredibly sweet.

Got my nose pierced!

Hash browns.

A really lovely dinner with Jana. And realising how geographically close we are now

Watching the Drag Race finale. I love Jujubee.

Doing some sewing again.

Hash browns.

A clean bed

Hash browns

He got my advent calendar

Sacked off veganism for a veggie breakfast. Hello hash browns and veggie sausage.

A lovely sunny walk around the reservoirs. Featuring a moorhen that I thought was a beaver.

My dancing vulva.

Hash browns for breakfast.

Two new plants.

A heron in the rain at the wetlands.

Oatly custard.

Waking up to cuddles

Some sneaky Subway hash browns

New colourful plants to put in the window planter

A nice morning together, good sex and a lovely breakfast together at the local cafe. With hash browns.

The brilliant exhibition at Camden Arts Centre. I just love it. It felt so calm.

Takeaway and TV.


Lying in the sun
Reading a whole book
Hash browns and avocado