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Gracie isn’t shit! So far.

First courgette!

First tiny red tomato.

First sunflower.

Spotting the butterfly on the beer can. And going back to photograph it.

Having lunch at a cafe. A bloody massive salad from the cute guy.

My first tomatoes are ready.

I ate my tomatoes this morning.

Cute funny dog on the train.

Parks and Rec on the sofa with bourbons

Oh these? No big deal. Just the tomatoes I’m growing in the garden. It’s cool.

First throwing lesson at Clay Time. Fun, handsy and some great that’s what she said’s.

Being at home a bit earlier. Time to clean, to relax, to water the garden. To have a second shower. 

Ride in the park

Going for a spur of the moment, mind-clearing bike ride amongst the fallen Autumn leaves

autumn leaves yellow

The leaves deserve two mentions, mainly due to their incredible colour today.

homegrown carrots

Picking a bunch of home grown carrots. Small but perfect.