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The waterfall at Jesmond Dene.

Getting home and finding Hannah outside the tube with dinner.

Spending the evening with her.

Filming my vaginal swab in the doctor’s toilets.

Staying at home the whole day. I needed it.

A big bunch of fresh mint. It’s so delicious every time I open the fridge door.

Knowing I needed to come home from work.

Lying in the sun on my bed.

Spotting the best holding a biscuit on my blind.

Getting off the plane fast and finding the quickest passport control queue.



The tiny postage stamp machine in the wall by the station.

Playing with Fred. He knows who I am the minute I walk in the door now.

A bath!

Finally discovering the charity shop that sells the cheap books.

Getting an email asking me to come to view a flat. It might actually happen!

Jen and Fiona. Tonight felt fun and easy.

Croissants for breakfast. Memories of sitting together eating croissants from when I was a kid. And the way we eat them that no one else does.


Standing with dad at Botley station.

The bed sheets are so soft at mum and dad’s.

Bumping into Tony and Jane at Sainsbury’s.

Thinking and hoping for this flat.

Taking my time getting to the train station and wandering around Oliver Bonas.

Chatting to mum and dad about the flat I’m looking at and getting excited about the idea that I might be able to buy it.

Tying the boob cushion under mums boob so she could get up and eat with us.

Walking up next to Hannah.

Chatting to Sam and Ming about shared ownership. I think I might be able to buy a flat here.

Seeing Jonny briefly. Half a beer and now less worried about him.

Getting home.

Tea in a pub with date Hannah.

Salmon for dinner.

A walk with dad down into town.

A night of fixing, Sandi and Have I Got news For You.

Lying next to mum on the sofa.

A cup of tea in bed, delivered by Jo.

Dishoom breakfast. Plus lots of chai. And a free birthday pancakes!

Coming home to mum and dad.

A walk in bluebell wood. Sans bluebells, obvs. It was frosty and crunchy and beautiful.

Snow! It still makes me so excited to see the first snow.

Dancing and singing to Christmas songs.

Seeing zebras at Fred’s nursery.

Cuddles with him on the sofa.

Walking into the village and seeing a kingfisher, a heron and a water vole.

Frosty frosty.

Walking over Hungerford bridge and seeing the sun shine on St Paul’s.

Being with mum and dad in their new house, talking about family history.

The really lovely corporate volunteer group. They came from near where I grew up and I just felt like they were nice normal people.

The rain outside and a candle inside.

Being home with my own things in my own place.

She does still want all the kits.

Vulva booklet. It looks good and I’ve worked out how I’m going to sell it.

The St Thomas bed is replanted. It was hectic but its done and the plants look beautiful.

The sky.

Leaving the food bank early.

The air in Hampshire. It smelt like home.

The amazing sunset on the train back in.

Sitting in the sun talking to Jo.

Louisa making it easier for me to go home.

Some laughs with the London Eggs.

Going to see the queue of people waiting to see the coffin. Or at least trying to see the queue of people.

Cleaning the work kitchen and starting to chuck things away out the back.

Sewing some more coasters.

Hanging my dried flowers on the wall.

The big courgette from the Spanish woman.

Doing crafts with kids and making butterflies on sticks.

Coming home rather than going on a date. Watching tiktoks in my pants and washing my dresses.

The moon is slow low and bright and beautiful.



Cold mint tea.

Spending the afternoon sewing and listening to podcasts.

Finally putting up some artwork that’s been hidden away for ages and properly cleaning and tidying the flat. It looks so nice.

Three orgasms before breakfast.

The butterfly walk and seeing people so excited by spotting them.

Listening to A British Scandal.

Seeing my living room tidy and hoovered.

Getting home.

Having a nap.

Ice cream for my throat.

Meeting Quynh. I really like her.

My own bed.

Accidental photo of my bum.

The dog riding the suitcase.

Soaking my feet in hot water.


Seeing three deer in the woods.

Monty Dog.

Home sweet home!