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Stroking Nina before my haircut.

Jo came over and we had homemade pizza for dinner. It felt like a normal night.

Chatting to Liv in the morning on the phone.

Going to the Galentine’s day brunch, when I didn’t really want to. But it took me out of myself which was great. Also got to hang with Buster, this big, beautiful dog.

Discovering new music by women, singing about feminism and getting oral sex and it made me feel so much stronger and happier.

Our quiet flat back to me and Jonny for the night. Homemade pizza and silly TV.

Going to the People’s Vote march. I always love a good march. Especially when the sun is out and there’s some good protesting dogs.

Reading on the sofa with Jonny reading in the chair.

Making pizzas together and watching Killing Eve.

A day in the garden down at my brother’s, eating homemade pizza from the pizza oven.

Touching the bump and feeling my nephew move for the first time.

More good sex in the morning.

Visited a recycling centre. I’ve wanted to go to one for years. It was so interesting. I loved it. And I got paid to go!

Homemade pizza night with Ivan’s pizza oven. So delicious. 

Alec’s music recommendation. Vagina themed.


Homemade pizza.
Discovering I spelt the name of our deli wrong on our big sign outside. Weeks ago. Woops.


Getting the bus round to Lyall Bay to enjoy the winter sunshine and watch the surfers with a cup of hot chocolate.
The Lego Movie. Surprisingly good. And funny.
Homemade pizza. And I didn’t make too much and feel sick like I normally do.


The clouds rolling across the top of the hill and fading the trees.
Discovering the lemon, honey and ginger drink at work.
Homemade pizza


Sitting in the sun in the Southbank Centre roof garden with some old friends

Sorting out visa’s for our trip. It’s all getting so close!

Homemade pizza. Always a happy occasion



Going to town on my ‘to do’ list

Catching up on a load of Scott Mills’ podcasts and laughing ridiculously hard

Homemade pizza


Singing along to Laura Marling loudly in my flat as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Homemade pizza. With way more cheese than is necessary.

David Attenborough’s Ark on BBC2. Incredible animals, brilliant programme, amazing man.