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Silly flirty texting with Tash.

Sold two tickets already. Despite all the cock ups.

Finally did a yoga with Adriene again. Also did some great twists and back cracks earlier.

Teeny grapes

Feeling the hot sun on my legs in the park

Slow walking in the sun

Having an iced coffee in the sun outside the new (to us) coffee place near our new house.

Walking slowly round Paks, looking at everything and not feeling rushed.

Lying in the park, reading in the sun on my own. It’s been a really relaxing quiet day.

Washed sheets. Dried them in the sun. Back on the bed and day, smelling amazing. That’s the dream right there.

Walking back from signing the contract, along our quiet sunny road. Everything feels lovely when the sun is out.

Warm dark evenings. It feels like being on holiday. It makes everything feel different.

Being outside in the sun, setting up for an event and generally not doing all that much.

Lunch in the park, under the blossom.

Coming home after lunch to sleep. And eat a pea risotto.

Ice cream at work. Love a Mars icecream. Especially on the first hot day of the year.

School trip out the office to see pollution themed exhibitions at Somerset House and the Barbican.

Sitting outside the Barbican in the sun with a beer and my fun colleagues.

A Mr Freeze to cool down. Retro.

The grandma and grandson holding hands and walking in the park.

Beers in the garden (and on the stairs) with housemates, talking Bumble, first dates and milking cows. 

​Beers in the park after work

Slow walking in the sun

The dog on the tube


A probably bad person to start a conversation with. But distracting. Which I needed today.
Sun. Heat. Even when it was raining.
The right tube turning up first so I didn’t have to speak to anyone on the journey home.


Standing out on the balcony at night, looking out over London, still boiling hot and chatting to Jonny.
Riding in the milk float. Bumpy but fun.
Being up early and seeing the market coming to life. Plus I got to walk to work in the shady coolness.


It was warm!
The teeny tiny sausage dog. It was so adorable. I desperately want one.
Seeing my cousins.


Kangaroos! In our campsite! And a whole heap of them hopped past including a tiny baby one. So exciting.
Swimming in the pool. It is so hot here now we’re not in the wind.
A podcast on bliss. The presenters were just having such a good time.


My housemate bought me Nutella. I LOVE Nutella.
Showing Miranda our van. It’s nice to see it through someone else’s eyes.
The smell of sun tan lotion, the heat, the sandals. Summer.


My wonderful parents bought me a Kindle. And it arrived today!

The warm weather has made seemingly made a load of students appear, laughing and having fun

I got off the tube a stop early and walked back in the warm evening air thinking about how different everything feels when it’s hotter. London suddenly feels like a European city rather than a British city. If that makes any sense