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Meeting up with my wonderful cousin

Driving through a part of London I’ve never been through before

Getting to see my boyfriend again before he went out, when I didn’t think I was going to. An extra hug and kiss to make me smile.


French toast. Perfect for a hangover.

Cosy cuddles and snoozing.

I made a bag for my sister in law. And it turned out really well!


The view of the Forth Bridge lit up at night

Car cuddles

Ryan Gosling. Always.

Image: Ian Lambert


Getting up a bit earlier to spend some time with my boyfriend before work. With lots of hugs.

My boss accidentally burping. I had to keep stopping myself from bursting out with laughter for about 5 minutes.

Watching Home Alone with our friends.


The delicious mince pies my boss brings in every year. They are actually voted Best in Britain. And they must be. They turned two of us from mince pie haters into mince pie lovers.

The Christmas smells that keeps washing over me. Cinnamon, orange, wood fires and that indescribable but undeniable smell that just is Christmas.

The new volunteer at work giving me a Christmas goodbye hug.


Seeing dad and getting a big daddy cuddle
Squelching through the mud in the woods on a walk with mum and dad
Sunday lunch cooked by mum, the best kind of Sunday lunch there is.


Coming home and giving mum a huge huge hug.
Spending the day with mum wandering around the village, chatting, looking in vintage shops and drinking tea.
Going out dancing with the girls for the first time in months and months – wine, heels, pop music and lots of shrieking.


Having my boyfriend home for the day and having cuddles and naps

FINALLY booking a Groupon voucher. You won’t get my money for nothing this time you bastards!

Getting a message from my favourite cousin.

Image: cuddlecomfort