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I was mentioned in the IWD event for my vulva work.

‘I get the second born’ ‘Minimus?’

Finally finally almost done with the job application!

An evening watching RuPaul with Jonny. Do, do, do, do the moves! 🤦

The International Women’s Day networking event at lunchtime.

Marmite on toast and a London Fog when I got home after a long day.

Getting it all done ready for WOW tomorrow. And having a little dance. And feeling like I’ve really properly smiled for the first time in a few days.

Putting up an image of me on Instagram from BOW. It felt scary but exciting. It’s happening now. Happy International Women’s Day.

My new plate. Whoops.

International Women’s Day. Proud, uplifted and inspired. Every year. Plus my colleague bought in green, purple and white snacks to celebrate. I loved the appropriateness of the jammy dodgers.

The perfect pubes on this embroidered vulva.

Watching 20th Century Women. The perfect IWD date with Jo.


Caitlin Moran and her Moranifesto.
The camel toe and all the hilarious signing.
Walking from Old Street, just because. I love walking through London. I love knowing my way through London.

P.s. Happy International Women’s Day


This comment. I do this blog for me, to keep me happy and positive. But it sure is nice when someone else thinks it’s a good thing too. Thank you lovely commenter, you really made me smile today.
It’s International Women’s Day today. Which always makes me smile. But this article is great.
My final working day of my first working week in 8 months. Weekend tomorrow!


Today is International Women’s Day. And as a feminist it provided plenty of reasons to smile. And cry. But I feel solidarity, I feel strong and I feel part of the sisterhood.

Watching the Kardashians. Exactly what I wanted after work.

My friend applauding me for a great response to an argument that happened yesterday with her housemate about feminism. You argue with me about feminism and you’ll get smacked down. Verbally of course, I’m not one for violence.

Happy International Women’s Day everyone. Peace and love and please sign this to say no more Page 3.